Completed Projects

McKay Dee Hospital

This was a very large scale, complicated, asbestos abatement project of over $1,500,000 in value. We were required to have all the asbestos containing material (ACM) out of the facility prior to the demolition of the building. We had four months to perform the project, and we were successful in doing so.

In this project, we removed the following ACM:

City Creek Water Treatment Facility

This facility was scheduled for seismic upgrade. We had to finish the abatement of asbestos and lead prior to spring run off without doing anything that would negatively impact the facility’s supply of water. This particular facility supplies water to downtown Salt Lake City. We were monitored daily to make sure nothing affected the water. The project was completed as planned.

In this project, we removed the following asbestos containing material (ACM) and lead:

Zions Bank Gateway East Tower

The scope of this job was to remove fireproofing, ceiling tiles, and various asbestos containing material (ACM) from all 18 floors of the building. We worked evenings and weekends and maintained the schedule as the client requested. The building remained occupied throughout the abatement process

In this project, we removed the following ACM:

Terminal One of the Salt Lake International Airport

Our scope of work included abatement of the spray-on asbestos containing material (ACM) above the security area. We were to work during off-peak hours, during the night, and through the weekends, which was to enable the airport to conduct normal operations. We constructed a scaffolding system that enabled the public to go through security and enabled us at the same time to remove the asbestos. Estimations are that approximately one million people walked through our work area. The critical issue was the perception of the public. We completed the project on time and without problems with the public.

Murray School District

We abated asbestos from the old high school. We started mid-May by performing work during off-school hours to ensure the safety of students. We were required to finish the abatement prior to mid-June, which we in fact accomplished.

Tooele School District

This was similar to the Murray High School demolition project. The demolition of the old building was scheduled for the first week of the summer break. We started early February and were responsible to ensure that our work did not interfere with the daily student activities. We finished the job as scheduled.

The City of Jackson

This Wyoming school was slated for demolition by early fall. It was critical for us to finish the abatement prior to snow fall for transportation reasons. We were able to do so, which allowed the demolition contractor to begin his work on time.

OC Tanner Office Tower

We were hired for this asbestos abatement project and completed it timely and according to the client’s specifications. They were very pleased with the work we did. We were able to plan and conduct the project in such a way that allowed them to continue their operations.

In this project, we removed the following asbestos containing material (ACM):